3D Crosswalk: Stuff of Genius (or) Troll level 9000

I see this 3D crosswalk in Iceland and I ask myself two things. One, will that be effective? The answer to that is yes. Yes it will. People will CERTAINLY slow down if they think there are hovering tetris blocks in the road.

My next question is, are these things counterproductive? Rumor is some people are coming to a dead stop, thinking they may smash up their car.

While they do look cool, the end result may be a lot of people damaging their cars by coming to a complete stop so they don’t hit the floating blocks. I know it sounds dumb but we are not at the height of our social intelligence right now, so it is a double-edged sword.

And Icelanders have taken to Twitter to speak out, but they all seem cool as hell:



They do look cool and WILL most certainly be effective, so kudos to that.




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