Psychologist Reveals Republican’s Biggest Fears: Scientists, Bearded Men, And Pixies

Republicans Biggest Fears

If you’ve ever wondered just what exactly makes Republicans think the way they do, well, it would seem you weren’t the only one. Psychologists have been studying a group of people from the political party, and the results are in. It turns out they fear quite a few things, including scientists, bearded men, and pixies, and it’s the root of these fears that cause them to have many of the beliefs they’re known for. These doctors have linked their phobias to their refusal to believe in climate change, their disapproval of the LGBT community, and their hatred of millennials. Let’s take a look at some of their findings on Republican’s biggest fears.

Scientists Are Scary

Republicans Biggest Fears

Whether it’s their white lab coats or constant need to discover new things, psychologists have found that Republicans want nothing to do with scientists. They don’t find them to be trustworthy, and most think that people working in science fields are actually working for the government, using science as a way to control the public. While it sounds like a wild conspiracy theory, to Trump supporters, it’s their truth. It’s for this reason that they refuse to believe that climate change is real or that people are having a negative impact on the earth. No matter how much evidence is put in front of them, even the smartest Republicans will refuse to believe any of it because deep down they associate those facts with a crazy person in a white lab coat working day and night for the government.

Bearded Men Are Today’s Hippies

Republicans Biggest Fears

Republicans have a sour taste in their mouths toward bearded men, a point that likely stems from their parent’s disapproval of hippies during their youth. Bearded men represent the hipsters of today, liberals, and dare I say millennials. What it comes down to is the fact that Republicans hate change. They want the world they knew back in the ’70s to somehow still exist today, and they blame the younger generations for that not being possible. It’s all our fault, us lazy, entitled millennials. Psychologists also found that many older Republicans are jealous that during their transition into adulthood, men were forced to cut their hair short, shave their faces, and suit up causing them to hold resentment against the younger generations in the workforce today.

Pixies Are Unnatural

Republicans Biggest Fears

While psychologists found that Republicans had no problems with other supernatural creatures, they noticed a strong distaste toward pixies, fairies, and other small flying creatures. When asked specifically what they disliked about them, most surprisingly thought that they were too cute and often oversexualized in movies and television. They also felt that their existence was unnatural and ungodly, a feeling that seems to stem from an underlying sexual attraction to these mythological creatures. Psychologists also believe that a Republican’s fear of pixies is also related to their phobia of other cute things like gays and lesbians, bears, and Mexican children.

While bearded men, pixies, and scientists made the top of the list of fears among Republicans, it was discovered through this study that they also had phobias against NFL players, feminists, and the Obamas.


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