Proof That Trump Supporters Need To Go Back To High School

Trump supporters have got to be some of the dumbest people in the world. Not that we needed it, but studies have even been done to prove that so many people who voted for Trump are actually morons, something most of us already knew. Even some of the most educated Republicans have joined in with his cult-like fans and would sacrifice their firstborns without a moment of hesitation if the president told them to. There are just some people you can’t knock the sense into. Here is a look at some of the most cringe-worthy (yet laughable) proof that Trump supporters are in serious need of brushing up on their high school curriculum.

This Is Why Grammar Is Important

Stupid Trump Supporters

It’s “our country” guys, not “are-country.” I’m not even sure what the purpose of the dash is, but this if you’re going to write it on a sign you can at least take a moment to run a spell check on your computer. Especially if you’re going to berate immigrants for speaking their native language in America, and tell them they need to speak English. Why should they if you can’t? Also, Americans as a whole are the biggest assholes when we travel abroad and rarely attempt to speak the language of a country we’re visiting. We need to give respect before we can ask for it.

Yes, Vocabulary Words Can Be Confusing

Aside from the fact that the people in this video are vile and extremely hostile, they’re just spewing out prejudiced garbage that has absolutely no validity. If you can’t stomach the entire video, first of all, I don’t blame you. But, putting aside the racist, sexist, and homophobic comments, here are a few highlights that Trump supporters mentioned throughout that demonstrate their stupidity. Muslim isn’t a religion, it’s an ideology. Ignorance and immigrants mix together. Hillary Clinton needs to get her ass spanked. Since she’s a woman and has a vagina, she must be a whore and can’t possibly be president. Trump supporters also shouted to hang her and kill her, because that’s logical. Also, Trump had an entire crowd raise their right hands and say “I swear, on Tuesday I will go to the polls and vote for Donald Trump.” I’m convinced they’re all in some kind of cult.

When American History Goes Over Your Head

Stupid Trump Supporters

The Confederate flag. A worldwide known symbol for the Confederate army. An army who fought to keep black men, women, and children as slaves. A group of proud white supremacists who felt that people of color were inferior to them. Trump supporters try and try again to claim the flag has become a symbol for the south, but we all know it’s still just a symbol of racism. If the south needed some sort of flag to symbolize who they are, it sure as hell shouldn’t be this one. Go design a new one. African Americans shouldn’t have to see you waving around that thing when it was their ancestors who were forced to keep the country going as slaves, while yours were off fighting a war trying to deny them their freedom. A war that the Confederates lost, in case you forgot.

Why Morals Are Essential

Far more humorous than the last video, Jimmy Kimmel had several Trump supporters interviewed for his show. The only question was what Trump would have to do for him to lose their vote, and their responses are eery. Apparently, the current president could do just about anything, and these people will still support him. Even when the interviewer rattled off a few outrageous potential actions, they all pretty much said they’d vote for him. They’d vote for him if Trump were caught smoking crack, if he grew in a Hitler mustache, if she shot someone in broad daylight, if he got a swastika tattoo, if he got a “sit here ladies ” tattoo on his face, and even if he punched the Pope in the face. They must not realize that we’re talking about the person running our entire country.

Gotta Work On That Grammar

Stupid Trump Supporters

Okay, so no one’s grammar is perfect, but if you’re going to write something on a shirt of a sign in permanent marker, it doesn’t hurt to double check. It’s not like you’re writing a freakin’ novel! Since I know most of you are thinking it and some are itching for me to correct him, here it goes. In this case, “your fired” should be “you’re fired” and the same goes for “you’re hired.” No, grammar isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it can change the entire meaning of your sentence. Also, it can make you look stupid when you make simple mistakes like this one.

“Great” And “White” Are Not Synonyms

Stupid Trump Supporters

Giving these women the benefit of the doubt, I’m going to assume they thought “white” and “great” were synonyms, aka two words that mean the same thing. When was America all white anyway? Even after white people slaughtered the Native Americans, there were still a few tribes that stuck around. Then Africans were dragged here and forced into slavery, so America wasn’t white during that time period either. Oh, they must mean they want white people to be considered the superior race and for people of color to be considered inferior again. What are people who think that way called? Oh, yeah. White supremacists.

Communication Is Key

Stupid Trump Supporters

This is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s one of my favs. I was a cheerleader in high school so I understand just how hard it can be to put letters in the right order. They’re probably football players. Maybe they got hit in the head a few too many times.

Government Isn’t A Religion

Stupid Trump Supporters

When supporting a presidential candidate, there should be logic and reasoning behind your choice. Instead, Trump supporters treat the president like he’s some kind of god sent down from the heavens specifically for them to worship. These women here, for example, look like they’re a bunch of horny teenagers and a One Direction concert. If Donald waved or smiled their way, they’d probably faint. Trump certainly has a bunch of idiotic fans, but he definitely doesn’t have many true supporters.

Oh, and one more thing…


Stupid Trump Supporters


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