Promote Your Business Through Social Media Coupon Campaigns

Shoppers are attracted to bargains like moth to a flame. Plus, this has gained quite a reputation on the internet nowadays. Customers like to research the market and prioritize discounts and coupons which may be beneficial for them (although not always for the shop owners). However, when executed properly, coupon deals and discounts may actually be favorable in the long run for those in ecommerce.

Coupons bring in customers by the dozen! They are a great way to steal the spotlight from your competitors and increase your sales. It is guaranteed that customers will stray from their usual brands for a good price cut.

Coupons are even more popular amongst customers, thanks to the internet. What a great day for online shop owners everywhere! Because a lot of your marketing is taken care of thanks to our buddy, the Share button! Satisfied customers will always share these offers and ads, in turn increasing the distribution of coupons. Many e-commerce sites use this feature to their advantage too!

Giving away vouchers to random customers who share ads is a successful yet simple marketing strategy – killing two birds in one stone!

Other than that, coupons are a great way to bring back old customers. Your new ads and promotions are bound to shine a light in their eyes. You can even offer exclusive discounts for old customers to show some loyalty and make a good impression.


One fine day, as I was browsing through Instagram I stumbled across a novelty store. And a week later a box arrives and I find I have purchased three, very similar looking galaxy wallets. But, do I care? Not at that moment, no. Because I got three wallets for the price of two! It takes me about four more days to realize that one human being does not require three wallets. Now, why did I stumble across this page? Was it because I was looking for a galaxy wallet? No, I didn’t know I wanted one until I found them. That is the beauty of a sale. Increased traffic on your website and social media accounts will attract new customers and discounts will encourage impulsive buying.

Pampering customers goes a long way. Subscriber-exclusive concessions will bring in a swarm of orders. When you become well-known for your vouchers and deals, people will start opening your emails and visit your website to hunt for a bargain. You get out of the spam box and they get to buy 4 for the price of 2! Additionally, deals such as Like our Facebook page to get 10% off on ‘X’ product, hashtags on twitter and Instagram are sure to increase your social media popularity.

Regular and recurring activities on social media remind consumers about your on-going coupon deals. The regular appearance of your name on their feed and having limited stock sales will intrigue your customers to check out your products frequently.

The best part: online coupons aren’t a hassle to make. You save loads on printing and distribution and it’s so easy to keep track of! Counting the number of coupons redeemed can easily show how lucrative this venture was. This can also help you create future offers for improved results.

By this point, you might be feeling optimistic about offering deals at your firm. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are things that you need to take into consideration. Coupon offers go wrong all the time and often times businesses end up suffering a great loss. It’s very essential to keep in mind what product you are selling and how to market discounts to your target.

Do your research by going through couponing sites such as or and understand how other businesses offer discounts. Ask yourself: What is the goal of my campaign? What type of deal should I offer? Which social media should I use? Does this fit my marketing strategy scheme? If you like the answers to these questions, you know what to do! I’d still suggest you analyze your customer base and understand exactly what they want from you before you venture on this.

Nevertheless, it has its upsides.

In 2013, the coupon redemption percentage via internet marketing was 263% (!) whereas, in-store advertising of coupons only redeemed 27%.
If that doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will. If you want to be a part of this, get to them planning!



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