Pro-Choice: The Next Thing Trump Plans to Ruin For Every Woman in America

pro choice

Chilling words echoed through the closed doors at a U.N meeting today, and they are words that will have a huge impact on this country and one that most people are going to be very opinionated about once they hear it:

An official appointed by President Donald Trump said during a closed-door United Nations meeting that the “US is a pro-life country”, despite the fact both the law and public opinion support a woman’s right to access legal and safe abortion.

To explain that to people who just think it is an affirmation that the U.S.A wants to keep its citizens alive or something, no. Pro-life means they intend to strip women of their rights to get an abortion. Those words, once said, can NOT be taken back and it very much shows the direction we are heading under president Trump’s “Big Brother” eye. A man stripping us of one right after another, and now telling the entire female gender what they can and cannot do with their bodies?! This agenda IS ALREADY IN PLACE, and if those words were said and agreed to (which they MOSTLY were), as a U.S citizen my whole life I can tell you, we are heading somewhere bad, quickly.

Here, I will just put this here and back out of the room now as our resident president slowly turns this country into a conservative nation drenched in forced religious believes and ideals:

Better lock your doors, people. It’s about to get uglier out there!

Man, I am in the mood for a peach right now. And maybe a mint to go with it…..

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