Pornhub Launches Netflix Style Subscription Service

The world’s most popular pornographic website launches a Netflix-style subscription service. 


pi_18514ans of high-definition pornography, raise your left hand in celebration; you may have a new god to add to your on-demand media pantheon. Nestled between Netflix and Hulu, you may soon find PornHub Premium, the company’s new subscription-based video streaming service which promises to be the “Netflix of Porn”.

But, you may object, is this not the gloriously subscription-free era of the tube site? The height of humankind’s pornographic endeavors, when one can find whatever sexual niche they privately belong to without forking over $9.99 a month? According to PornHub, paying for the service entitles users to exclusive content from smutmakers like Digital Playground, Brazzers and Reality Kings. Furthermore, for those who are sexually repulsed by the mere sight of pixelation, all of the content offered will be played back in 1080p HD. There are even plans for virtual reality support in 2016. Don’t act surprised—we all knew the ultimately seedy destiny of the Oculus Rift.

Virtual reality porn has been the cutting edge frontier of the industry since the birth of the Oculus Rift and similar technologies.
Virtual reality porn has been the cutting edge frontier of the industry since the birth of the Oculus Rift and similar technologies.

What makes PornHub Premium different from other subscription, or pay per view, websites? Not much, but the company’s plans to move it into mainstream marketplaces might make all the difference. They’re currently developing Android and Roku apps for the service, making the aforementioned placement among apps for established, non-pornographic video streaming services a real possibility. Just be sure to delete it if you’re watching the kids for the weekend.

Above all else, this will be an interesting experiment for PornHub. We know there are people out there who still pay for porn, though we’re not sure who they are; or why they do it. We can only assume they’re aficionados of the private-time hobby, and maybe the convenience of streaming high-quality grownup dance parties directly to your Android or Roku device will prove to be a marketplace winner.

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