A pizza machine unveils in Rome & is getting mixed reactions

pizza machine

A sort of vending machine that produces fresh pizza, the flaming red Mr. Go Pizza, has abruptly emerged in Rome.

The machine is insisted to be able to skid out freshly cooked pizzas to persons on the street within one hundred eighty seconds. Purchasers can select from various types of pizza costing from $7 (roughly 4.50 euros). The machine massages and tops the dough, and consumers can view their pizzas baking behind a small glass window. Reviews by users of the dispenser, one of the first of its kind in Rome, span from “permissible if you’re in a hurry” to unmitigated horror.


Pensioner Claudio Zampiga said: “It looks good but it is much smaller than in a restaurant and there is less topping.” Gina, another pensioner who refused to provide her surname, spurned the concept altogether. She said: “Terrible. Pizza really needs to be eaten hot, immediately. This doesn’t work for me.”

For a lot of Italians, the vintage pizza experience consists of watching a pizza maker, or pizzaiolo, rub down the dough and prepare it in a wood-burning brick oven that you can see from your table. In its present spot, at least, the Mr. Go Pizza apparatus will face rigid competition receiving a piece of the market, with a plethora of nearby restaurants. before biting into one, Giovanni Campana said: “I wouldn’t even think of eating a pizza made by a machine.” Esposito, who produced a pizza 132 years ago fit for a queen, would plausibly agree.


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