Pinterest Users Still Getting Hacked, Spam Floods Facebook And Twitter

Pinterest accounts hacked

Pinterest users last month complained on Facebook and Twitter that their accounts were being hacked, and that spam was flooding their other social media profiles.

The problem continues to grow with more users reporting that their accounts are being hacked.

Searches on Facebook showed that there was a sharp increase in complaints regarding Pinterest accounts being hacked over the past few days. A similar search on Twitter showed that Pinterest users received emails saying that their Pinterest accounts had been hacked from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, Russia, and Vietnam.

The Next Web theorized that multiple hackers across the world could be using a similar method to get into Pinterest accounts, but that it’s more likely that one group is using a botnet to get into accounts and post spam.

If you’re being hacked, head on over to Pinterest’s Account Security page. From there, here are Pinterest’s recommendations:

  • First, change your password immediately by logging in and going to the Settings page. Then, you can delete any pins and/or boards that were created.
  • If changing your password does not solve the issue, please submit a ticket for assistance.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to restore any deleted boards or pins.
  • Please submit a ticket if you have any idea how someone may have gained access to your login information. Consider whether you have recently encountered any misleading 3rd party apps, if you use web browser extensions, or if you use the same password on multiple sites. We also recommend running trusted antivirus software to check your computer for malware.

Until the problem can be fixed internally, Pinterest has released the following statement regarding the hacks:

[quote type=”large” align=”left”] “It’s important to us that all the content on Pinterest is authentic and people’s accounts are secure,” a Pinterest spokesperson said in a statement. “That’s why we’re constantly monitoring for suspicious activity. Unfortunately, though, spammers are out there attempting to compromise people’s Internet credentials and then trying those credentials on major websites. We respond to user reports and send emails to pinners with suspicious logins to help them identify the issue and protect their pins. We hope pinners will remember to use strong and unique passwords for their accounts.” [/quote]

Kokou Adzo

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  1. Rose. It is actually very simple to delete your Pinterest account:

    Push the EDIT PROFILE button underneath your profile picture. Or, go directly to when logged in.

    2. Click the DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT button

    3. Confirm

  2. It seems that they, like some others I won’t mention, virtually want to be hacked, spammed and viewed as not being unsecure. And they will continue to be HACKED defrauded and a continual source of annoying spam until they implement stronger guidelines and in my opinion implement some form of 2FA (two-factor authentication) where you can telesign into your account.

  3. More than two days back, when I tried logging to my Pinterest account, I find the error that “Oops! Your account has been deactivated, but your pins are safe and sound.Please contact Support and we’ll get you pinning again soon.”.

    I tried the Support with no response so far, and when checked the support yesterday to create one more ticket, it says “You have been suspended from this account. You are not allowed to submit requests at this time.” Now I cant even get to the Support.

    They never stated any reasons why they suspended my account, and nor did they have the courtesy of giving an explanation to me. Pinterest was the only social network that I ever liked, and they have now thrown me out for no reasons.

    Can some one kindly help me getting back to pinning?

    I don't understand what they call as spamming. I have never posted an affiliate link before, and all my pins are informative and does match my boards. I was even getting a couple of board invitations from some big boards. I read in some blog posts about people buying Pinterest accounts, and I was shocked to see that they are indeed cheap! Some are selling it for as cheap as $10 for 100 Pinterest accounts! They are not getting removed for those spam accounts, and Pinterest is deactivating real accounts like mine in their action against “Spamming”. Where are they headed?

    Could someone kindly get me back to pinning?