Photos of Accused Spy Maria Butina That Prove You Can Take The Girl Out Of Russia But You Can’t Take The Russia Out Of The Girl

Maria Butina photos

Russians have produced some of the strangest images and videos that you’ll ever find on the internet, giving them a reputation for being exotic heavy drinkers with massive gun collections and bears in their yards. Accused Russian spy Maria Butina is no exception. Her Instagram page was the subject of scrutiny among the media for so long that she actually deactivated her account. That doesn’t mean her photos aren’t still on the internet for us to analyze. Butina might have wormed her way into the White House, but these photos prove that you can take the girl out of Russia, but you can’t take the Russia out of the girl.

Butina And Her Guns

Maria Butina photos

All dressed up with… a rifle? Or, a machine gun? I honestly have no idea what kind of gun that is, but it doesn’t exactly go with her outfit. Butina was a known gun enthusiast and activist long before she moved to the states, something that hasn’t changed since she arrived. As a gun enthusiast, she was desperate to attend the National Rifle Association’s annual convention but was denied a visa twice, ultimately dampening her dreams. She was finally able to come to the United States after the NRA made a trip to Russia and happened to bump into her while she was leading a Russian guns rights group.

Butina’s Questionable Fashion Sense

Another gun in hand, Butina’s fashion sense is something that also leaks into her life in America from time to time. Accused of trying to influence American politics by infiltrating the NRA, she likely isn’t worrying much about what to wear these days. In fact, she’ll probably be wearing an orange jumpsuit for quite a while as the details of her spy operation come to light.

Maria Butina photos

Posing With An Overly Feminine Assault Rifle

The only thing that screams Russia more than posing with an assault rifle while wearing pearls around your neck is to hold a hot pink paint splattered assault rifle for the photo. We all know how important it is to make sure people know that this gun is strictly for the ladies or those who are fans of the color pink. Perhaps she was trying to portray an image that would appeal to certain kinds of politicians. You know, the kinds who like guns and are easily manipulated when sex with a young, moderately attractive redhead is on the table.

Butina’s Future Online Dating Profile Pic

Maria Butina photos

Butina might be dating from prison for a while, but this would make the perfect profile picture for her online dating profile. She looks like Lara Croft’s backup partner who works at an accounting firm during the day and waits for a call for her next mission at night. It’s bewildering as to what anyone could possibly need this kind of weapon for outside of the apocalypse or World War III.

Posing With Animal Corpses

Maria Butina photos

I cropped the photo to save you from seeing the bloody corpses of two boars that appear in the image along with Butina, who apparently isn’t just a gun enthusiast but a hunter as well. At least the survival skills she has learned over the years will help her out in prison since that seems to be where she’ll be spending the rest of her life.


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