Photo Of Hog Butchered In Parking Lot Goes Viral

hog butchered

One Houston restaurant found itself in the middle of a social media controversy after a photo surfaced of the owner butchering an animal in the alley.

Tose Steak & Sushi in Pearland, Texas is trying to explain the damaging photo. Owner, Jimmy Chi says it is all a big misunderstanding. The photo, which has now gone viral, shows Chi butchering a hog behind the restaurant. Many feared the animal was then served to patrons. Chi says it never even saw the inside of the establishment, instead the hog was a personal gift from friends.

“They went on a hunting trip that I was supposed to go on, but couldn’t, so they shot a couple hogs and gave me one,” Chi said.

He furthered explained that butchering the animal in the alley was not a very wise choice and now he is worried that this viral photo could mean the end of his eatery.

“I want to apologize to all of my customers that it was really my poor decision process that hog at the back alley,” Chi said. “I totally understand. If I was a customer it would raise some concerns for me too.”

A Houston news station was able to track down the person who took the photo. They claim that the photo has since been taken down. Chi said that even though the post has been deleted, the damage has been done.

The health department has inspected the restaurant and did not find any evidence of the hog. Chi is so desperate to save his reputation that he is willing to shut down for the day to clean the restaurant in order to win back customers.

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