Sushi Restaurant Takes #FoodPorn Literally And Its Hilarious


Spend a few minutes on Instagram or some other social photo site and you will stumble upon #FoodPorn. From melty artisan grilled cheese to a simple bowl of perfectly ripened strawberries, sharing your culinary indulges has become the rage on social media.

[Photo credit: Adweek]

One chain of sushi restaurants in Colorado has harnessed that foodie lovin’ and has started sharing their twist on food porn: pictures of their sushi dishes with cliche lines lifted right out of adult films.

[Photo credit: Adweek]

This epic marketing campaign will be gracing the Hapa Restaurant Group’s Instagram page starting soon. The brains behind the creative project are from ad agency, TDA_Boulder.

[Photo credit: Adweek]

Credit goes to:
Client: Hapa Restaurant Group
Art Director: Mia Nogueira
Writer: Brian Mulligan
Creative Director: Jonathan Schoenberg
Photographer: Chad Arnold Photography and Design. Denver, CO.
Assistant Account Exec.: Martha Powers
Director Client Services: Christi Tucay

This restaurant chain isn’t the first to snag the food porn concept for their marketing gain. A few months ago, Taco Bell launched some commercials featuring their new breakfast items. The commercials were “cheesy” (see what we did there) spots with hands caressing the breakfast tacos and burritos. Really sexy stuff.

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