Persistent Koala Invades Pharmacy Thrice, Refused To Leave But Demanded No Drugs

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Often there are times when a lot of us wished that animals are gifted with the power of human speech. Well, aside from parrots, those guys are vulgar show-offs. Anyway, animals being able to speak would certainly be very useful. For instance, they could tell us to bugger off when we are chopping down their habitat, or when they keep invading a pharmacy with no verbal demands, like what one koala did.

One not normal day in Victoria, Australia, a pharmacy had quite an incident because of one koala bear. The down-under doggo just kept entering the pharmacy and even knew how to use its sliding doors. However, before he could get to the counter, presumably for some eucalyptus-flavored lozenges for his throat, he was promptly shooed out. He also took it rather maturely and probably thought that asking for the manager would only cause a scene. Here’s the video:

Soon after that, he changed his mind and went back in, probably to give the employee who shooed him out a piece of his mind. This time around, he failed to enter the pharmacy after being blocked near the doorway. Again, he was shooed out but his time farther into a supermarket car park. Apparently, he still does not koala-fy as a customer.

But he wasn’t just gonna let some human treat him like an animal and not as a customer… oh wait, we’re still talking about the koala right? Anyway, he tried once more and caused quite a commotion, rushing through people to get to the entrance but was blocked once again by the several pharmacy girls. The wildlife officials, a.k.a. animal po-po, then came to “rescue” him and escorted him back to the nearby forest. He never got his eucalyptus lozenges.

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