Wild Life Sydney Zoo Koalas Snap Selfies Using Special Cameras

Sydney Zoo

Zoo visitors are the ones usually snapping all the photos, but the tables were turned when several koalas from Wild Life Sydney Zoo in Australia got involved.

The koalas, named Aaron, Bill and Bruce could care less about the tourists however, and were more interested in selfies.

To pull off the up close and personal photos, the zoo attached a Sony QX100 camera to a tripod with flexible legs, making it easy to attach to a branch for example.

The QX100 has Wi-Fi built-in, enabling photos to be streamed directly to an iPhone or Android smartphone.

While the cute koalas have yet to master taking photos themselves, here were a few moments Wild Life Sydney Zoo was able to capture:

Zoo keeper Kylie Hackshall said the koalas “were very interested” in the camera, and Bill hogged it the most.

“Bill is a bit of a little bit of a poser, he gets into great positions for the camera.”

While the special setup could be used with other wildlife, there’s a good chance it could become a chewable play toy with larger animals.

Photo credit: Wild Life Sydney Zoo

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