Moose Dies From Drowning After Crowd Forced Him To Stay In Lake For Pictures

Photo by Fine Art America

It is quite an unfortunate predicament for other animal species that they are forced to death or extinction for the most trivial reasons from human beings. It can be something as stupid as being too neglectful with your children that a Gorilla had to be killed for their safety. Well, that may have been topped recently since a moose actually died… just so people could take pictures.

Photo by Flickr

According to Robert Currier, warden of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, one moose swam from New York state to South Hero, Vermont through the lake and was already exhausted by the time he got there. He was near the shore and was about to get his rest when a crowd of people with cameras suddenly started taking pictures of the animal. Unfortunately for the animal, the shore he found was near a bike path that was popular with tourists.

This scared off the moose and forced him to swim back away from the shore. However, he was already too tired after swimming hundreds, probably thousands of meters. He tried to find another shore to rest in but eventually drowned because of exhaustion. While he was drowning and dying, the crowd apparently just watched the poor moose and still continued to take photos and videos.

Photo by Gizmodo Australia

The police did arrive along with Currier but they were too late. It was also Currier himself who confirmed that the crowd onshore scared the moose back into the water. After the incident, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department advised people to give wild animals space and keep their distance.

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