Driveway Moose Fight Videos Go Viral

When it’s Moose Mating season in any place where these majestic creatures find fit to roam, there’s really only one rule to follow: Get out of the way.

A video uploaded to Youtube earlier this month has gone viral within last week. It features a moose fight that gets too close for comfort. Just how close? How does them clashing antlers in your driveway and knocking your cars around sound?

Yeah, we thought so, too.

Watch the epic battle here:

We’re sure you have questions: Why do the moose fight? Why a driveway? How even?

Well, to best answer these questions, let’s first better understand what a Moose Rut is all about.

Moose Rut is a season that usually happens in the first two weeks of October,. In a nutshell, it’s Moose Mating Season: Moose wows go into heat, and their unique musk as well as their calls are a big signal to bulls in the area that their ladies are ovulating and ready to make babies, er, calves. Males will vocalize when they come a-callin’, and understandably, they don’t exactly appreciate other males fringing in on their ladies. So they fight to determine who gets the girl.

Unfortunately for residential areas built quite close to forests and mountains, moose bulls may end up taking their extended fights to larger territories — hence, the human area. In these cases, there’s really no other recourse than to let the bulls duel it out, stay safely indoors, and get out of the way.


How does it all end? Watch the video below:

Now, in the event you might think, “Hey, that looks like loads of fun — let’s try riding one of them!” No, buddy. Just. Don’t. Seriously. You’ll thank us later.

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