So Long Facetune, People Are Now Using Prosthetic Makeup to Improve Their Faces

Forget Face Tune, People Are Now Using Prosthetic Makeup to Improve Their Faces

Nobody’s perfect, and we all have bits about our appearance that we don’t love. Over time, most of us learn to love the face God gave us (or least to put up with it), while others go to more innovative measures to hide their flaws.

Forget film monsters and special effects, some people are apparently using prosthetic makeup for their every day look.

This video one user uploaded to Twitter is a perfect example. A compliation tape, it shows Asian women who use prosthetic makeup or “clay” to transform everything from noses, to chins, and even the shape of their forehead.

Seriously, imagine having to wake up every day and put your chin on!

The video is a “backward” tutorial, meaning the women are wearing their everyday looks at the beginning and removing each individual add-on until they reach their natural features. It now has over 77,000 views, and unsurprisingly, lots of comments from fascinated followers.

Other elements the women use to alter their appearances include wigs, thick layers of light creams and foundations, and contacts used to create the “big-eyed” look that is popular in Japan.

The end result is pretty much the same for each woman featured – big eyes, light skin, and a long, slender face. One women even went so far to change her ears.

Still, these girls have serious SKILLS.

Nevertheless, some users didn’t believe that anyone would go out in a full-face of prosthetic makeup on a daily basis, but others quickly shut that theory down.

Whereas many male Twitter users said they felt “betrayed” by the women in the video, and that women wearing makeup gives them “trust issues.”

Maybe guys, instead of worrying about how it makes you feel, worry about why these women feel the need to so drastically change their appearance in the first place? Just saying.

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