Get Thrills and Chills with This Makeup Artist’s Halloween Skills

Just when you thought you’d seen all there is to see of Pinterest-worthy Halloween makeup artists getting their paint pots and brushes, here comes this makeup artist who just wows us to no end.

Sarah Mudle is one talent that won’t be ignored on social media. She’s been hard at work with her 31 Faces of Halloween project, and we are loving every single horrific image of it. Her creativity and imagination have no bounds, and she’s been pushing some well-known makeup concepts for as far as they can go. Just check these posts out.

She’s sweet, she’s charming, SHE’LL BITE YOUR HEAD OFF

This is how I feel about Halloween ??

A photo posted by Sarah Mudle (@sarahmudle) on


Here’s one of her astounding Halloween looks from last year.

Here's a half face look from last year

A video posted by Sarah Mudle (@sarahmudle) on

Party hearty this coming Halloween, but be careful to not lose your head!

Or, you know, just keep it zipped. We won’t tell.

Aaaaand this is what happens when Elsa isn’t impervious to her own powers. (Sorry, kids.)

Sarah Mudle is a makeup artist who’s simply out of this world.


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