“Peeple” App Lets You Rate People — Without Them Knowing

As if there still weren’t enough ways to compromise your consent, the Internet serves up this brand new thing called Peeple.

Imagine an app that let’s you rate any human you’ve ever encountered in your life — your coworkers, friends, family members, exes, that dude you see often in the bus or subway — all without their knowledge, nor their consent. It’s practically like Yelp for people.


This is Peeple, created by Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough, an app originally created to function as a “positivity app”. Once it launches in November, it will indeed let people rate other people the way they do restaurants, bars, hotels, and movies. It could strike anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Yes, it could even happen to you.

So, just exactly how potentially invasive can this app be? It will allow users to add virtually anyone to the service without their prior knowledge, and these added people will be unable to opt out of getting ratings and reviews, whether they be positive or negative.

So imagine the possibility that in some pocket of the internet, there’s a place where all the nasty things, said or thought about you, whether they be true or false, just pile up ad infinitum, open to be read, jeered, and snickered at by people all over the world. Fun, right?


Twitter went up in arms, and had their own say in the matter.

Yes. Agonizing social death.

You’ll never be more productive. (No, that wasn’t a grammar error.)

Just Nope out of the whole app.

Even Jeff Goldblum knows what’s up.

The backlash has certainly reached the creators, and it seems they’ve got more than their hands can hold onto before everything explodes into one big mess.

Yes indeed, oh the irony.

So, what’s the verdict on the yet-to-be released Peeple? As the app has the likelihood of turning into the fictional “Burn Book” from the iconic movie “Mean Girls”, the internet has this to say:

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