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Facebook Integrated With Over 200,000 Android And iPhone Apps

Facebook announced some impressive stats at LeWeb in Paris, the first being that over 200,000 Android and iPhone apps are now using Facebook integration to some degree. Nine of the top 10 grossing iPhone apps have Facebook integrated and over 45 percent of the top 400 grossing iOS apps use their SDK. There are now […]

Instagram Photos Will Soon No Longer Appear On Twitter

Instagram is having a falling out with Twitter and will be disabling Cards integration which allows images to appear on the website. The news came about when Twitter posted the following message on its Status blog: “Users are experiencing issues with viewing Instagram photos on Twitter. Issues include cropped images. This is due to […]

Pope Will Answer Tweets From Hijacked #AskPontifex Hashtag

Pope Benedict is officially on Twitter providing a ne way for him to interact with followers. On Wednesday, December 12, the Pope will kick off his account by answering select questions from Twitter users. The Vatican wants people to send in their questions for the event using the hashtag #AskPontifex. You can send a question […]

Yahoo Acquires Live Video Chat Service OnTheAir

Yahoo has acquired OnTheAir, a video chat service that’s free to use and allows users to ask questions on video during live broadcasts. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Launched into private beta back in March 2012, the service is very reminiscent of Spreecast which has similar functionality. For now, the service […]