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Snapchat Video Messaging Arrives For Android Smartphones

Snapchat on Thursday rolled out video messaging for the Google Android platform. Snapchat is a messaging system that deletes user messages after they have been viewed. The company says it has been beta testing the video messaging system with Android users in Europe. The Snapchat video messaging service originally rolled out for Apple iOS users […]

Twitter Debuts DMARC For Email Addresses, Hopes To Slow Phishing Scams

Twitter on Thursday announced its new use of DMARC technology. The company hopes the platform will slow cyber criminals from using fake emails address. Cyber criminals spoof their own email address so recipients believe they are receiving a verified email from Twitter. Once a user believes they are receiving official Twitter correspondence they are […]

Twitter After You Die: LivesOn App Keeps Your Legacy Alive With Algorithms

With Twitter invading every part of our lives it was only a matter of time before it joined us in death. Startup LivesOn is a new social application that allows users to keep on Tweeting after they have shuffled off this mortal coil. The app’s tagline is pretty straight forward, funny, and a bit creepy: […]

Yahoo Gets Social With New Homepage

Yahoo! has been losing market share over the last few years but the company took a step forward today with its new redesign. The Yahoo! homepage is now more modern, more social, and more sleek, according to its CEO Marissa Mayer. Mayer writes: “Designed to be more intuitive and personal, the new Yahoo! experience is […]