Facebook Exchange Ads Being Tested In News Feeds

Facebook Exchange Ads

Facebook Exchange Ads began making their way into users’ News Feeds on Tuesday. The social giant announced that it was serving up the ads to a small group of users.

The Facebook Exchange [FBX] was announced in Fall 2013. The ads are based on a users browsing history from around the web. For example, a user search for things to do in Las Vegas might be met with ads from local casino’s and restaurants.

Ads allowed in a users News Feed before today were limited to Promoted Posts, Sponsored Stories and Page Post Link Ads. The new platform is the first time Facebook has allowed standard direct-response ads to run in the News Feed. Before today FBX ads were only shown in the Facebook Marketplace section located in the users right hand column.

At this time Facebook is only testing the platform with advertisers who run campaigns through TellApart, MediaMath and Nanigans.

In a blog post on Tuesday Facebook wrote:

“Over the coming weeks, we’ll expand to make these ads available to additional DSPs and advertisers.:

The big open question at this time is whether or not direct related ads will help or hurt the company’s efforts. A recent study found that many users are turned off by ads that base themselves off their browsing history. I for one was annoyed by the constant stream of ads I received for Las Vegas hotels after I returned from CES 2013.

Do you think direct relational ads are the best way for Facebook to target higher click-through rates (CTR).


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