Owners Share Silly Names Rescues Had Before and After


Whether you want a dog or cat, it’s always a good idea to adopt a rescue before considering the pet store. these darlings have had storied lives before they came to the shelter — their past histories often showing through the names they had before getting adopted.

Ana Marie Cox is a writer and well-known TV personality on Twitter. She and her husband once went through a pile of old papers, and found the adoption papers they’d filled out for their rescues. The old names for their pets, Luke and Leia, made the couple laugh.

Soon after, her followers began sharing photos and stories of their own rescues, their old and new names too.

Seems like this one’s rather shy about her big paws. We’re sure they’re quite adorable.

Sweetie-pies, all of them: right from the tips of their nosie-wosies…

… to the very ends of the beanies of their pawsie-wawsies.

The names of these two kitties went from quaint to globally classy.

We smell a Sailor Moon reference.

… Yep. Yep, definitely a Brutus.

By any other name, she would still be as sweet.

Image courtesy of jarmoulk

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