Who Loves March Madness? Everybody Loves March Madness!

March Madness is here again and everybody's going crazy for upsets.

It’s March Madness time again and everybody is loving the upsets, the teams that come out of nowhere and watching some dreams come true and other dreams crash. For almost an entire month we get to see the most passionate games played in college sports.

The biggest upset of the tournament so far is probably Yale over Baylor. The Bears were a huge favorite going into the contest but the boys from New Haven pulled out 79 to 75 win. In an epic post-game interview Baylor player Taurean Prince had the perfect answer to the question “how does Yale get more rebounds than Baylor?”

And of course he instantly became a meme.

March Madness is the time that your little cousin draws up a bracket because she likes the names of the schools and it wins over your bracket that’s the result of extensive research. These are the days that we get to see the greatest kids that will never make it to the NBA. And everybody goes crazy when their brackets inevitably fail.

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