Lone Suspect Allegedly Apprehended in Manchester Concert Tragedy

Armed police gather at Manchester Arena after reports of an explosion at the venue during an Ariana Grande gig in Manchester, England Monday, May 22, 2017. Police says there are "a number of fatalities" after reports of an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in northern England. (Peter Byrne/PA via AP)

What do you even say? What can you say? When our kids are targeted at pop concerts, you know this world is in a very bad place. As I am sure many of you are painfully aware, there was a rather nasty bombing at an Ariana Grande concert last night in Manchester, England. While details were initially scarce, they now believe they have the lone suspect in custody, a manboy by the name of Salem Abedi. Rumor is he had a little wanker and smelled like dog shit, but this cannot be confirmed.

Though we know ‘little’ about the man (other than him being an obvious waste of flesh in every way), we do know it was a nail bomb he used and that at least 22+ people are dead as of now, with many more wounded. It was an unthinkable act that happened in the most unthinkable of places, to one demographic you pray would always be safe:


Now we need to gather our resources and do all we can to offer not only our condolences but also our literal support of Manchester in any way we can after this terrible incident. As of RIGHT now they are seemingly under threat of another attack potentially happening there, though some think that might just be cautionary, but regardless, we need to ban together and show not only Manchester but the monsters capable of such acts that it takes more than a bully or some wayward zealots to silence us, whether British, French, American, and whoever else they decide to try to break next. The reality is, they won’t break us. They will only make us all stronger as people and as a movement and such atrocious acts will only serve to further our passion about seeing such monsters brought to justice of the swiftest and fiercest kind.

Please click here to donate to help the people of Manchester begin to heal and move past this awful incident that will NOT define them. It will only strengthen and bond them!

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