President Trump Already Whining About Exhaustion, Sends Daughter in His Place

Well, well, would you look at that? Barely a week into his Saudi Arabia trip seems our resident president skipped out on a rather important and formal event about the modern youth combating terrorism on Social Media. Heavy in subject, this is one of the first examples in HISTORY of a U.S president sending his daughter and not someone elected to deal with presidential issues. A rather big shakeup that many people cannot seem to see past. While it could be said Ivanka is far more social and relatable and at least seems HUMAN, can you imagine if Bill Clinton sent Chelsea to his court hearing or Obama sent one of his daughters in his place to meet some important diplomat? It is, in a word or two, unheard of. His reason for not going and sending her is even better than the actual act of doing it.

Seems our president is, and I quote his lovely wife here:

Just an exhausted guy.

Well, um, no crap. He chose to run for a job that gets no days off. He ran for a job that means every single day he has to be thinking diplomatically about that day AND the next. This “sending Ivanka in his place” thing already shows a disturbing trend of the man we (cough, you, cough, not me) elected to be our president. If dude is taking “sick time” a few months into this, are we supposed to assume he will do similarly shady shit years into his presidential run? One may assume so, but only time will tell.

And I completely understand Ivanka is educated and very well-spoken, but since when did it become okay to put first daughters at podiums to speak on behalf of our country? That is his job, and if he is already taking sick days, pretty clear to see that this isn’t gonna be a pretty shady four years.

Great, now I am emotionally exhausted. I am going to have my cat finish this article while I go lay down.






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