One Fan’s Awesome Idea For How ‘Fast & Furious 7’ Should End

paul walker funeral scene

Paul Walker’s fans are still mourning his tragic death, and as his family and friends prepare to lay him to rest, the future of the Fast and Furious franchise is still in jeopardy.

While Fast Furious 7 has paused production as producers try to figure out if they can/should salvage the film without one of its stars, one fan has offered a way for the franchise to write out the character in a satisfying way.

Shared to the Facebook fan page “R.I.P. Paul Walker,” which has nearly 3 million “likes,” this anonymous fan’s homage/send-off for Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner would actually fit Fast 7 pretty well, depending on how much the crew already shot with Walker and how much story re-working they’ll have to do.

Other films and TV shows have handled the abrupt death of a lead in similarly respectful ways. Cory Monteith’s death was written into Glee, with the third episode of the fifth season paying tribute to the actor and his character. Perhaps the most famous production death was that of Brandon Lee, who was killed in an accident in the midst of shooting The Crow. The film’s crew managed to salvage and release the entire film, though they had to use a double for additional scenes and cut out chunks of the character’s planned dialogue.

What do you think of this fan’s idea for writing Paul Walker out of Fast Furious 7?

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