Lea Michele Tweets Glee Season 5 Photo, Hints At Finn’s Death

Lea Michele

Lea Michele is back to work on the hit Fox musical dramedy Glee, and has been posting tweets about her first couple of days.

It’s a poignant photo which shows the 26-year-old actress working on Glee for the first time since the death of her boyfriend, co-star Cory Monteith, on July 13. She bravely chose to return to the show (even though the creators offered to cancel) and seems to have been staying positive despite how emotional it must be.

She’s getting a lot of support, too.

The photo up top shows Lea Michele’s character in a pretty desolate spot, so it’s possible that this is for the third episode, which creator Ryan Murphy said will deal with Monteith’s death.

“I can’t speak to it yet because it’s still being written. That episode will deal directly with the incidents involved in Cory’s passing and the drug abuse in particular,” he said.

It seems his character, Finn Hudson, will indeed die off-screen. The third episode will act as a memorial for the actor before Season 5 goes on a hiatus.

Are you a fan of Lea Michele?

[Image: Keith McDuffee]

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