One-Eyed Cat Has Four Ears; Helps Other Kittens And Wins Internet

Photo by Instagram/frank_n_kitten

Good boys are usually reserved for dogs for being well-behaved and being instrumental to humanity’s success. However, there are exceptions for other species. A cat, second to dogs as the cutest animals ever has also proven that they deserve to be called good boys too, even if they keep trying to enslave the human race.

Photo by Redbubble

One Australian cat named Frankie or Frank certainly deserves to be called a good boy. Unlike other cats, Frank is special because he only has one eye and four ears when he was rescued by the Geelong Animal Welfare Society. Frank was born with such defects, but nevertheless, he persevered and did not give up, becoming a good model cat along the way.

Because of this, Frank has his own Instagram account where he can be seen helping other rescued kittens. In fact, Frank has been a tremendous help in raising other rescued kittens since most of them grew up without their mothers. Hence, they need cat guidance and precisely how to be a cat. Frank has done this with flying colors.

As for Frank’s extra pair of ears, they do not exactly double as ears. Rather, they are just extra skins, but still a birth defect. That means Frank has no enhanced cat hearing, contrary to what his looks may suggest. As for his eye, Frank actually had both of them as a kitten, but the one on the right was deformed to a fault and had to be surgically removed.

Hence, he earned the name Frankenkitten but went on to prove that he is more than that.

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