One Armed Girl Pranks People And Feigns Dislike For Two Armed Persons, The Results Are Hilarious

Photo by Instagram/meganabsten

Megan Absten is not your typical kind of girl, she likes to show everyone that she does not need a hand in most things. She is certainly an independent woman, but what makes her so special among a sea of them?  Well, she only has one arm.

It was not a shark, but an unfortunate all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident back when she was just 14-years-old. However, instead of being depressed and gloomy about her situation, she does not let it get her down. She even makes light of it sometimes and certainly keeps a happy and even festive mood. Megan has even raised her own YouTube channel single-handedly, beat that one, two-armed people!

Now in YouTube, Megan is a different whirlwind of funny, she even paired up with fellow YouTuber RossCreations to prank people. Check out their video below.

Would definitely high five her if she extended that lovely nub to me for one. Megan shows that a disability is not a reason for her to stop having fun. It is also good to see Megan blending in so well with other people and making the air less awkward. She does jokingly admit that she sometimes uses her disability to exploit situations, but hey, we gotta make do with what we have, or what we don’t in Megan’s case?

Regardless, Megan is a rising YouTube star and already has approximately 41,000 subscribers at the time of writing. Megan certainly went farther than most people who still have both arms intact, props to her! Now there is no more excuse for us not to pull pranks on other people.

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