Nose Hair Extensions Are Now A Thing, Just Because

Photo by Instagram/amadicro

Here we go again. Another year, another new trend. Every now and then, people come up with ways to spice up our mundane existence on this here Earth and if not with internet challenges, then people usually introduce other trends… such as plugging your nostril with nose hair extensions, you know, for when you need longer nose hair than usual.

One would think that armpit hair extensions were enough as a beauty statement but one Instagrammer just had to upstage such a bizarre trend. The said Instagrammer goes by the name of @gret_chen_chen or Gretchen. She apparently began such a trend which others unquestioningly followed and posted on their Instagram account like a viral internet challenge:

Those are not exactly nose hair extensions. They’re actually eyelash extensions which the said Instagrammer got a little too creative with. Apparently, Gretchen used eyelash glue to transform the traditional eyelash extensions into makeshift nose hair extensions and voila!

Despite the trend originally being initiated back in 2017, it’s popularity right now is undeniable with the hashtag #nosehairextensions yielding some strangely abundant results on Instagram.

One girl even made some instructional video for anyone interested in trying out the relatively new trend.

Knowing how social media and the internet works these days, we probably haven’t seen the last of these outlandish trends. Some of the most notable ones we have right now which just occurred recently are jean panties, reindeer boobs, and of course, the usual internet challenges that go wildly viral for some reason.

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