New Internet Challenge Has People Putting Cockroaches On Their Faces

Photo by Facebook/Alex Aung

One often has to wonder these days how and why some of the most useless and inane challenges become viral and why don’t people just make a challenge something more productive, such as washing the dishes or doing the laundry challenge. We actually have a new internet challenge right now which involves putting cockroaches on your face, just because.

Anyway, you might want to save those cockroaches for mere internet fame instead of squishing them. A Facebook user from Southeast Asia named Alex Aung has recently started a new internet challenge craze back in April. Aung posted a selfie which includes not only his face but also a cockroach on one of his cheeks.

We all know how dirty cockroaches are; they eat human waste and usually live in the sewers. So what did people do upon seeing Aung’s dare? They copied him; apparently, that’s the sane thing to do these days. Legions of other users commented their own selfies showcasing many species of cockroaches resting on their faces.

One even put the dirty insect in her mouth.

The most common ones are usually American cockroaches which frequent dirty places in cities and are commonly treated as pests. Some of them are even downright rancid and you can smell all their dirt and bacteria a few feet away. But hey, new internet challenge says put them on your face, so will you do it?

It’s worth noting that we’re not even halfway through 2019 yet. There are bound to be more outrageous and disgusting internet challenges. Some have even claimed lives.

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