Nolan Ryan? Hoodie Allen Drops New Single, Shares Photo Of Jerry Grote [Video]

If you want to see an amazing baseball video go watch Yoenis Cespedes throw a runner out at home from the left field wall. If you want to find out why Nolan Ryan is trending, check out the video below.

New York based rapper Hoodie Allen released a new track today called “Nolan Ryan.” The song immediately started trending on Twitter and is already been heralded by some as “The Song Of The Summer.”

The song may be great but it doesn’t exactly make Hoodie Allen a “Nolan Ryan” expert. In fact, check out the photo that the singer shared on Twitter.

If you’re hear to read about Hoodie Allen you probably don’t know what’s wrong with the photo above. If you’re hear to read about Nolan Ryan… well, you might wonder why the person above isn’t Nolan Ryan.

According to, Hoodie Allen actually a shared a photo of Jerry Grote.

Allen acknowledge the mistake on Facebook and told his fans that he would have some new artwork up tomorrow.

Allen writes: “David Vasquez haha you are so right man no excuses here hahaha I will fix this. Please don’t let this affect ur opinion on the song. Haha new art tomorrow omg.”

Do you think “Nolan Ryan” is going to be the song of the summer? Are you surprised Woody Allen shared a photo of Jerry Grote?

Kokou Adzo

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