No, Your Friend’s Naked Videos Are Not All Over Facebook [Hoaxed]

naked friends

Relax, Facebook users. Your friend’s naked videos are not in fact showing up on your timeline right now.

According to online security provider Bitdefender, your pal’s n00dz are still safe in his or her iPhone (for now). If you’re seeing a post like the one above, it’s coming from one of 6,000-some websites dedicated to spamming your balls off.

The “friend’s naked videos” hoax goes like this: You spot a link like the one above promising “[your friend’s name] private video,” “[your friend’s name] naked video,” or “XXX private video.” Click on it (protip: DON’T), and you’re taken to a fake YouTube page which warns that the content you’re about to view is age-restricted:

naked friends scam

Seems legit, let’s finally see you friend’s tallywhacker!

Except it asks to to install Flash, and then proceeds to fark up your computer with a nasty piece of malware called Trojan.FakeFlash.A (Trojan.GenericKD.1571215) which is designed to help spread the scam and steal your photos.

Basically, for your sins, your computer gets an STD.

The “friend’s naked videos” hoax is going viral on Facebook like right now, so do your friends a favor and hit the share buttons below.

[h/t – AllFacebook]

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