Nikon Photographer Zooms In On The Moon, Breaks World Record [Video]

Nikon Coolpix

Absolutely breathtaking. That’s all we can think of after seeing this video of a photographer using his Nikon Coolpix P900 to zoom in on the moon. Amazing.

With an 83x optical zoom, it is no wonder the photographer broke a world record. The video shows the moon’s surface in incredible detail, especially for being on Earth. Not only can you see the craters, but also the subtle movement of the earth’s movement (and the moon’s orbit?) Whatever, astronomy isn’t our strong suit.

The video was so incredible that it became a popular topic on Reddit’s front page.

There were those that were in awe of the Nikon Coolpix’s power. I mean, some of the people were rushing to their nearest camera store.

There were the cynics. “You can just buy a telescope. Same thing!”

Then there was the jokesters, like the one user that shared just how incredible these camera really were.

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