Tiger Shark Steals A Diver’s Camera, No Pictures Please [Video]

Tiger shark
[Photo credit: National Geographic/Bill Curtsinger]

Diving with a shark is always a dangerous endeavor, but one diver proved it to be more dangerous than you would think. The sharks might be thieves.

The footage shows divers in the water with tiger sharks out somewhere in the Bahamas. One shark in particular takes specific interest in one diver’s camera. The shark lunges in and grabs the camera with his teeth. The poor diver tries to hang on to his expensive equipment. In fact, there is even a point where he is nearly being dragged along by the shark. Eventually, the diver gives up and the shark swims away with the camera.

But hey, it’s better than the shark swimming away with the diver. Count your blessings buddy.

Tiger sharks are known to be man-eating animals. In fact, they rank only second to the great white for the most human attacks. So, lets go diving with them? Tiger sharks are nicknamed the “wastebasket of the sea” because they will swallow anything. Apparently, even expensive electronics.

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