NFL To Stream Super Bowl XLVII Live Online

new orleans super bowl

In 2012, the NFL streamed the Super Bowl for the first time in football history. The broadcast brought in more than 2.1 million viewers making it the most watched online sporting event in history. Well, the league is hoping to top that record this year when they stream Superbowl XLVII live online on February 3.

2012 was the first year that the NFL streamed the Super Bowl so they should expect a slightly larger audience this year. The NFL has been extremely active on Twitter in recent years (announcing fines, interviews, highlights, trades etc…) and the league currently has more than 4 million followers. Each of the 32 teams in the league also have accounts (the New York Jets have more than 500,000 followers) and almost all of the major players have official accounts.

The online audience for Super Bowl XLVII won’t compare to the TV audience (more than 111 million watched in 2012) but the gap could start shrinking as the NFL puts more emphasis on its online presence.

This year, the NFL will broadcast the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl, and both Wild Card games on the internet. The Superbowl will stream on and and the Pro Bowl and Wild Card games will stream on and The games will also be available via NFL Mobile on Verizon.



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