New ‘Daily Show’ Host Already Surrounded By Controversy, Twitter Reacts

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Just yesterday, Trevor Noah was a seemingly unknown comedian, who was named the new host of Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show.’ Overnight, he became one of the most talked about comedians and now, it may not be for the best reasons. A look back into his past social media activity uncovered some pretty tasteless jokes. Now, comedians are known for crossing the line, but it seemed Trevor Noah crossed a little too many, with jokes about Israel, Jews and women. His jokes seemed to anger a large number of people, who of course took to Twitter to tell the world just how anger they were.

The jokes weren’t just about Jewish people. He also made fun of women.

And fat women…

The same people that were excited about the new ‘Daily Show’ host were suddenly not so happy.

Many fans of the popular Comedy Central show have shared their disgust with the network.

It seemed as if Trevor Noah replied to all the hate, but the tweet was quickly deleted.


Some are questioning if the young comedian is really ready to become the host of such a popular show, like ‘The Daily Show.’ Only time will tell if Comedy Central will respond.

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