Notorious Serial ‘Dine And Dash Dater’ Gets Sentenced, Banned From Using Dating Apps

Dine and dash
Photo by Eater LA

Finding a date in real life already has its own drawbacks, so one can imagine that finding a date online has even more. Lots of things could go wrong, like meeting up with someone only to have them ditch you in the middle of the date, leaving you with the check and a broken heart. One Californian man has done that– a lot and he is now getting his just desserts for being a serial “dine and dash dater.”


His name is Paul Gonzales and he has made quite a number of women swoon, as well as frustrated because he left all of them in the restaurant during the date. In total, he victimized more than 10 women as well as restaurants in his dine and dash dater spree. He did this for two years and cost the women and restaurants $950 with some of his orders consisting of costly shrimp-and-steak filled meals.

During the trial, Gonzales pleaded no contest to the defrauding and petty theft charges. Thus, it was only just recently that Gonzales got sentenced for his crimes. The “speed dater” is now going to serve 120 days in jail and was also given three years of probation by a judge in Los Angeles County court. Additionally, he is now banned from using dating apps and websites.


So ends the horrific date bout started by Gonzales. The women of the California dating community no longer have to fear for their wallets and dating lives. One of Gonzales’ victims even joked about his situation, “He doesn’t have to worry about any meals now. He’s gonna get three square meals a day.” Hell hath no fury like a woman ditched, indeed.

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