Crazy Girlfriend’s Suffocating List Of 22 Rules For BF Goes Viral

crazy girlfriend
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Ahh, relationships. We’ve all been there, well, some of us, at least. The thrill and excitement of being in a relationship are pretty much akin to a drug. Everything is all rainbows and butterflies until toxicity sets in. That’s all part of the learning process, unfortunately. Some are lucky to immediately see how toxic their partners can be early on, like one guy whose crazy girlfriend recently went viral because of some rules.

Some guy in Twitter recently purchased a used car but upon using it, found a note belonging to the previous owner. Apparently, it was from the previous owner’s girlfriend and consisted of 22 relationship rules which she imposed on her boyfriend. While there are some normal, unwritten rules in a relationship, this girl took it to the extreme and multiplies it by 22. Take a look at them:

crazy girlfriend
Photo by Twitter/kkeyes96

To make matters worse, there was even a signature by the boyfriend at the bottom (not shown), meaning he agreed to it. Seriously though, the only things missing were a body cam on her boyfriend and a GPS tracker so that she can know where he is anytime. The whole list of stuff her boyfriend was not allowed to do screams of control. It’s not clear whether they are still together though.

Of course, the photo of the list went viral and some were concerned at the guy. One comment reiterates how what abusive behavior looks like in a relationship, using that list as the perfect example, “This isn’t cute or sweet or just for anyone’s own good, this is controlling.” Of course, it can go both ways, regardless of gender. The post has since been taken down.

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