NBC’s ‘Community’ Canceled, Twitter Reacts

NBC Community cast

Class Dismissed. Community does not make it to Season 6, most likely due to the serious drop in ratings.

After 5 seasons, NBC decides to give the widely loved members of Greendale Community College the axe. This show has a very well known cast and is responsible for many catchy songs and popular gifs. Joel McHale, Ken Jeong, Donald Glover, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi, Jim Rash, Jonathan Banks, and Alison Brie will no longer be seen acting together, at least not on NBC. *coughNetflixcough*

Twitter has been blowing up with cast member reactions throughout the day. Joel McHale tweeted “#darkesttimeline” which immediately shot to the top of Twitter’s national trending topics.

Both #darketsttimeline and #RIPcommunity are trending nationally, receiving a lot of heartfelt, sad, and fan favorite moments.

After being booted from the show after Season 3 and asked for a return in Season 5, creator Dan Harmon had a sentimental message about his Community experience.


The future of Community is up in the air since it is partly owned by Sony Pictures TV as well, there can be hope for other platforms.

Fans continue to react on Twitter:



[Photo credit: Keith McDuffee]

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