Orange Is The New Black Renewed For Season 3, Netflix Confirms


Less than a month ago, Orange is the New Black released the official trailer for Season 2 which premieres June 6. Now, before anyone could even watch a single episode of Season 2, Netflix has announced the renewal of Orange is the New Black for Season 3 by retweeting the announcement from the “Orange Writer’s Room” twitter earlier today.

Pardon me, Laura Prepon’s Instagram account, is who truly announced the news. A few short hours ago, Prepon who plays bad girl Alex Vause, posted the following photo to Instagram:

Prepon captioned, “It’s official!! Season 3!! #oitnb #alexvause #backtothebighouse”

If you weren’t ready to throw pie before, you better stock up with apple, cherry, pecan, and any other pie within a ten mile radius with the recent Orange is the New Black news.

Interesting move for Netflix to have Prepon be the one to make the announcement. Prepon was not a Season 1 regular like the other prisoners and will only be in 4 episodes of Season 2, but with this news we find out she comes back as a full time character for Season 3.

Maybe Prepon will decide to focus more on prison lesbian tendencies rather than Tom Cruise…

Orange is the New Black was the most watched Netflix original series at the end of 2013. So, why wouldn’t they buckle up for another season before the second season has hit the internet?

In case this wasn’t enough excitement to hold you over until June 6, here are some of the characters in Lego form:

[Photo credi: YouTube ]


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