Nationalist Planned to Bomb Hospital as Revolt against Covid-19 Lockdowns

timothy wilson

With some thinking government lockdowns are a step in the infliction of a tyrannical order — we’ve experienced our first COVID-19 related act of terrorism, domestically.

On Friday, a man named Timothy Wilson from Missouri made plans to detonate a car bomb at a local hospital in Belton, which was intended as a mutiny against the stay-at-home order issued by the mayor of Belton, but his ploy was spoiled by an FBI raid. When he reportedly resisted with a weapon, he wound up being shot and slain.

via Heavy; Timothy Wilson (pictured) is not a fan of the global government lockdowns

“Wilson was actively planning to commit an act of domestic terrorism—a bombing—and over the course of several months had considered several targets,” according to an FBI statement. “Wilson considered various targets and ultimately settled on an area hospital in an attempt to harm many people, targeting a facility that is providing critical medical care in today’s environment,” continued the statement. “Wilson had taken the necessary steps to acquire materials needed to build an explosive device.”

There was no physical bomb. Wilson had visited a residence in Belton with his personal vehicle, believing the contact there had built a device for him. It’s uncertain whether Wilson shot himself, or was shot by FBI agents as they moved in to detain him. The FBI’s interest in Wilson evidently arose with his heavy engagement in some of the same neo-Nazi sects that have produced a slew of arrests in past months. Various sources report that Wilson “was an admirer of the 1980s terrorist group The Order and had ties to two active neo-Nazi organizations.”


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