National Send Your Man Nudes Day Is The Internet’s New Favorite Holiday

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Earth Day Smearth Day, the internet’s new favorite holiday is National Send Your Man Nudes Day. Yes, that’s apparently a thing.

The hashtag #NationalSendYourManNudesDay has been trending on Twitter all morning. Some people are using the hashtag to send out jokes…

… while others are confusing “send your man” with “post nude photos on the internet.” We’re not going to show you those here but you can celebrate the internet’s new favorite holiday by scrolling through the #NationalSendYourManNudesDay on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the holiday has some single women upset since they have no one to send nudes to. Well, don’t worry. The internet is here to help. Several men have volunteered to accept DMs on Twitter from lonely women.

Aren’t those guys sweet? Are you celebrating #NationalSendYourManNudesDay?

If taking off your clothes in front of a camera isn’t your thing but you still feel like celebrating today you can always follow the #EarthDay hashtag. You won’t see as many naked women but you might actually learn something about bettering the planet.

But who can think of the environment on a day like today. Happy National Send Your Man Nudes Day everyone!

[photo credit: Pro Juventute]

Kokou Adzo

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