Zoolander Without Dialogue Is Basically A Wes Anderson Movie [Video]


Have you ever wondered what Zoolander would be like if you removed all of the dialogue? No? Well, someone did and the result is pretty awesome. In fact, Zoolander without dialogue is basically a Wes Anderson movie.

Mutelander was posted on YouTube about a year ago by Epimetheus Grunt. It started circulating around the internet again this week when a Reddit user added the song “The Hardest Geometry Problem in the World” by Mark Mothersbaugh to the scene.

The song was also used in Wes Anderson’s Rushmore and it works surprisingly well for Zoolander, too. Maybe it’s because Ben Stiller is one of Wes Anderson’s favorite actors. Or maybe it’s because Will Ferrell’s awesome expressions.

Regardless, the clip of Zoolander without dialogue is pretty perfect.

Editing the sound out makes an entirely new viewing experience. Of course, with the right editing skills you can edit out a lot more than just sound.

Check out this clip from The Crazies. 

Why were they so afraid of the car wash? If you’ve ever seen The Crazies then you probably know that the scene above is missing a few zombies.

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