Amy Poehler Wears Pitbull Mask In The Streets Of NYC [Video]

Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner

If you see a shorter version of Pitbull with a feminine figure and hollowed out eyes, chances are it’s Amy Poehler.

Comedian Bill Eichner is known for running up to unsuspecting New Yorkers, either testing them, giving them a chance to win, or just throwing off their whole day with in-your-face yelling. The Funny or Die segment “Billy On The Street” brought back the Parks and Recreation leading lady to play “It’s Not Pitbull – It’s Amy Poehler!”

Step 1: Run up to strangers pretending to be Pitbull

Step 2: Throw off strangers by revealing the masked person is Amy Poehler

Step 3: Scream

Additional rules:

  • Shame them if they do not watch Parks and Rec
  • Yell at them if they are not phased by Amy Poehler’s presence
  • If you mistake a woman for a man, just go with the flow
  • Again, shout at them if they don’t watch Parks and Rec (Seriously, do you like laughing?)

This video, accompanied with Billy and Amy caroling on the streets, makes for a funny pair. I’m sure this won’t be the last time Amy is seen reeking havoc in the streets of New York City with Billy by her side screaming into a device that is already created to amplify sound.

Photo credit: Youtube

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