#MyBodyDoes Posts Body Positivity Stickers All Over NY


The #MyBodyDoes sticker campaign is taking New York by storm one bus, train car, waiting shed, and lamp post at a time.

Jessica Andersen and Ashley Simon, two yoga teachers, regularly take public transportation on the way to work. En route, they noticed that the ads on their ride always endorsed negative views on body image in order to sell a plastic surgery clinics services. This clearly was not okay.

After getting exposed one more time to a poor endorsement on one’s body from a ProteinWorld billboard, Andersen and Simon decided enough was enough. The two teachers launched the “MyBodyDoes” Campaign, and began sticking their own positive messages on loving your body and valuing the things it can do to counter those on other ads.

This one, in particular, pitted breast sizes against each other, and dearly needed the sticker treatment:

And here’s another ad for breast augmentation that was covered in the campaign’s stickers:

“They were insulting but also literally impossible to avoid if you were waiting for a train,” Jessica shared with People. She continues, “The My Body Does stickers are about reclaiming both public physical space and space within cultural conversations about bodies and how they should ‘be.’”

These stickers can be purchased as packs of four for $2.50. They contain more affirmations, such as “My body is a source of joy,” “I am free to have a body that is unique to me,” “I am thankful for all that my body does,” and “I am cultivating a loving relationship with my body.”

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