Top Astronomer: Multiverse Exists And There Are Multiple Versions Of Us All

Photo by YouTube/Gibran Shah

I certainly would not mind another version of myself from the multiverse. The possibilities for conversation and puns are quite limitless… well, that, or I’d try to kill myself for not agreeing with myself– sounds crazy. Still, such a possibility of different parallel universes is interesting and has even been explored thoroughly in a lot of media, like this one which is semi-fascinating and semi-depressing:

The thing is, the multiverse might actually exist and may not be just science fiction, at least according one top astronomer. Dr. Martin Rees, an esteemed cosmologist and astrophysicist has published a new book, titled “On The Future: Prospects For Humanity.” There, he suggests that the multiverse theory is true, the one where our universe/reality is just one among limitless and similar possibilities. Kind of like how Dr. Strange in “Infinity War” says it:

That could mean our universe may be surrounded by a limitless ocean of similar others. So in another universe, you might be something else, like a doctor, or the opposite gender even, etc. Dr. Rees also feels that the next huge scientific discovery could very well prove that the multiverse exists. The first three reality-bending scientific discoveries being that 1) the Earth is not the center of the universe, 2) there are other planets as well, and 3) there are other galaxies too.

So how do we visit or at least take a peek at other dimensions/universes? Well, Dr. Rees says that gravity pretty much the key since gravitational waves can transcend through space-time or dimensions, those who have watched Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” may have already guessed it.

Still, we’re probably all born too early to even witness the fruition of such a claim, here’s hoping our great-great-great-great-multiplied-by-a-hundred-times-grandchildren witness whether what Rees claims is true or not. One thing to think about is that in another parallel universe, you might already be shaking hands with another you. Nevertheless, this universe/reality sucks, just look at who became president.

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