MTV Launching Artists Platform With Revenue Sharing Model, Social Network Integration

Artists MTV Platform

MTV is getting back to its music roots with a new online social platform for indie and mainstream artists. The new platform will allow singers and groups to interact with their fans.

Artists.MTV will feature fan pages for artists where they can upload tracks, show off music videos, post photographs and even sync their social media accounts.

In the case of big name stars MTV will create pages for them and they can then claim those pages as their own.

During an SXSW event in Austin, TX this past week Shannon Connolly vice president of digital music strategy for the MTV Music Group told those in attendance that the new platform “is for garage bands as much as it is for Lady Gaga.”

MTV says the new system will broaden its database of 10,000 mainstream artists to more than 1 million.

Along with creating a social network of sorts the company will also feature one artist per month from the network to be featured on shows via the MTV and VH1 brands along with other Music Groups TV sites.

MTV wants the new platform to also be a revenue generator for artists with merchandising features, music downloads and even a tip jar where fans can donate to their favorite groups.

The new social network will also feature a revenue-sharing model where advertising dollars from the platform will be split with some of those proceeds going directly to the artists themselves. Revenue sharing will be split the same for big name artists and indie artists.

Artists.MTV will launch in private beta on May 16.



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