Path App For Windows Phone Devices Is Under Development [Report]

Path for Windows Phone 7

Mobile social network Path is already available in the Apple App Store and through the Google Play store and not company CEO Dave Morin says the program is being developed for use with Windows Phones.

Morin admits that 80 percent of the company’s time is spent developing the iOS platform however he believes that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS is “impressive” enough to warrant some attention.

With more than 2 million users Path is the world’s most popular mobile only social network, because it only works with mobile phones the more platforms it can support the faster and bigger it can grow. Users choose up to 50 friends for their Path network and the application works with Facebook and other popular social networks to offer a more rounded mobile experience.

At this time Morin has not revealed when the Windows Phone OS will be available for potential Path users and he has not said if the features for that application will immediately match those available for iOS and Android based applications.



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