Kayaker Posts Video Of Monkeys Doing Cannonballs Into A River [Video]


A kayaker shot a video on Oct. 29 and recently shared it online of a pack of monkeys at Silver Springs State Park doing cannonballs into the Silver River.

Rod Guynn, the kayaker and videographer, said he was told fellow kayakers on the river were spotting monkeys in the trees. “Normally, you’ll see, in the trees or in the banks, you’ll see a few. If you counted the monkeys you see, you’ll see two to 10. I haven’t normally seen a really large number together,” he stated.

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Guynn claimed he never witnessed a group of 20+ monkeys all at once. He explained he began to hear thunderous smacking noises in the body of water. “When I turned around the corner, I saw a monkey belly-flop into the water,” he expressed. The video he shot exhibits several monkeys plopping down into the water.

Guynn said the animals were leaping off tree limbs because an assertive monkey was squawking at them. He alleged the monkeys looked afraid. A few of the monkeys came close to his kayak, he noted. He said he feels the monkeys were moving the group systemically across the river. “It never occurred to me to be scared. I think I was just a guy floating by in a kayak. I don’t think they even paid attention to me.”

As seems prudent for a mammal that spends a great deal of time over water, Florida monkeys are swell divers and swimmers. Their toes and fingers are partially webbed. They both hop into water when menaced, and swim across rivers and channels and when needing to relocate to new areas.

To see the monkeys performing cannonballs similar to college kids at Spring Break pool parties – click HERE.


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