Catholic Church Launches Investigation After Two Nuns Become Pregnant

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Two nuns are being intensely probed by the Roman Catholic Church after they turned up with buns-in-the-oven during missionary trips.

The women, who are from separate orders in Sicily, got pregnant reportedly while on different expeditions to their home country. One of the two nuns, a 33-year-old based at a convent in Militello Rosmarino, in Messina, found out she was pregnant after visiting a hospital with extreme abdominal pains, local news media outlets reports.

via YouTube; The Roman Catholic Church is now investigating the ‘freaky nuns’

The other nun, a mother superior taking care of elderly persons in the southeastern city of Ispica, in Ragusa, has too discovered she is knocked up. Mayor of Militello Rosmarino, Salvatore Riotta, stated he knows one of the nuns “well” and “regretted” how the news had been leaked. He informed reporters: “There is regret for what happened. Our community of 1,200 inhabitants is baffled by the way some have treated the news, not as secretly as it should have been.”

The mayor furthered that less than a year ago the nun had taken her vows and was adored by everyone. Ruggero Razza, Sicily’s health councilor, said he would commence an internal investigation to pinpoint how the pregnancies became knowledge to the public. In a Facebook post he added: “I wish to express my solidarity first of all to them and to their respective orders. I find it unfair that news that should have remained in the privacy of health facilities has become public knowledge.”

The mothers-to-be will be able to select whether to depart the Order and raise their kids, accordant to reports. The 33-year-old nun has been relocated to a different abbey in Palermo, whilst the mother superior, believed to be roughly one month pregnant, went back home to Madagascar.


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